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I Wish I Had Six-Pack Abs!

I’m sure that somewhere under the doughy layer of energy I stored up for the winter lies at least the potential for abs.  I’m not sure why I don’t have a chiseled midriff.  After all, I own P90X.  I’ve had it for years.  A brand new, mint condition, still-in-the-box copy of P90X.  If it were […]

I Can’t Hear You!

I’m not always a great dad.  Sometimes I miss the mark or come up short.  Maybe more Homer Simpson than Heathcliff Huxtable.  It’s not my fault.  Not always.  I have three kids.  At any given time Kid 1 is calling Kid 2 names, Kid 2 is in Kid 3’s room, Kid 3 is touching Kid […]