AkēLex’s Adaptive Knowledge Engine

akelex-infographics-lexiconThe AKE, in conjunction with its modular data ontology and industrialized content development process, forms the basis of our intelligent system. It generates data that is more granular, accurate, complete, and usable than unstructured free text notes. Valuable patterns reside within this data.

This technology expands the knowledge and skill set available to a clinician or clinical care team, allowing them to provide a higher and safer level of service. It is designed to overcome human cognitive biases that compromise decision-making, such as confirmation bias and ignoring negative data.

The AKE provides decision support in multiple contexts (acute diagnostic, therapeutic, chronic disease management, team triage, prevention and wellness, etc.) as well as integrating workflow to optimize efficiency.  AKE applications adjust their output and functionality depending on who the user is – it responds at the appropriate level of training or background of whoever is using the applications at the time. The knowledge engine thereby supports all participants in the healthcare delivery continuum, from the patient to the physician sub-specialist and everyone in between.

The AKEʼs assessments are completely transparent to a user. The user can query the system at any time to see exactly what clinical information the engine is using to make its recommendations and why. This transparency, combined with the AKE’s source reference threads, has helped mitigate user reticence as demonstrated in clinical trials. It also provides real time learning opportunities for residency training or continuing medical education.

The AKE was built to reside in a distributed or cloud based system. However, it can be installed as a fully functional native application (PC, tablet, smart phone, etc.) that can operate independently of a network connection.