AkēLex’s Lexicon

akelex-infographics-lexiconAkēLex’s Lexicon is an ontological syntax used to describe any kind of clinical situation or combination of situations in a normalized format; it is not just a way of collecting data but also of automatically standardizing and storing it in a digitized medical record for effective retrieval.

The Lexicon is designed to facilitate the creation of extremely granular observational data sets (clinical facts, observations, and information) in a standardized and normalized format that easily supports the growth and addition of future data types.  It is used to create standardized descriptions of medical conditions, procedures, methods, therapies, syndromes, situations, etc. that are in a form that the AKE recognizes and uses in its iterative assessments, refinement questions, and reports.

The Lexicon allows clinicians collect the data that is important to them.  It puts information into elemental building blocks so that clinicians are not forced to use restrictive standards.   AkēLex does the conversion to standard terms,  improving the quality and consistency of assessments and the records that are stored as a result. Such records are easy to data mine and provide a rich environment for assessment of clinical process improvement and research.

The Lexicon is also a modular library that allows an application developer to select only those specific elements in the system that are relevant to a new project.  Additional elements can always be added at a later time as needs change.  Data gathered during AKE encounters are stored in this format for use in future assessments.