Patient Care

akelex-marketicons-clinicalcareThe bottleneck at the front lines of clinical care is only getting worse, and the urgency to respond has exploded.

We  improve traditional clinical interactions through the use of smart templates built on top of our AKE. The AKE assesses data in real time while users are filling out these smart templates. Instead of simply recording information, however, an AKE-powered smart form asks additional iterative questions not found on the starting templates. It operates like a highly trained physician, identifying information gaps, discovering hidden correlations, feeding questions to the user if it identifies something missing, and detecting possible clinical alerts.

This increases the scope of practice of what non-physicians can manage and evaluate, allowing for a more economical mix of providers who can deliver care to more patients. With our smart templates, health systems can rest assured that their care teams are well equipped to provide care consistently and safely, catching outliers and detecting the early onset of emerging problems.