We’re a leader in advanced Expert Systems for virtually any context in which someone receives medical care or advice, from medical institutions to specialty clinics to convenience care sites to emergency medical situations.

Our technology enables the entire spectrum of providers—doctors, mid-level providers, nurses and emergency personnel—to expand their range of high quality care, and to do this in any setting – rural clinic, battlefield, patient home, tertiary referral hospital, or trauma center, thus better serving patients, improving clinical outcomes, and providing care more cost effectively.

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Patient Care

The bottleneck at the front lines of clinical care is only getting worse, and the urgency to respond has exploded. Medical groups, retail pharmacy chains, emergency personnel, and others are being pressured to see more patients more efficiently, by administrators facing shrinking margins and by more patients demanding more access.
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Apps & Devices

Clinicians don’t want to see more data. They’re already suffering from alert fatigue and data overload from devices. Within applications and devices, our AKE can take data from multiple sources and examine its clinical relevance.  We make alerts meaningful again.
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Everyone in health care is talking “Big Data.”  But what does that really mean?  Huge investments are being made in natural language processing of incomplete electronic health records with questionable results.
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High risk professionals such as pilots use simulators to enhance the effectiveness of their learning, where they have to deal with problems they ordinarily would never come across. We know that they learn more by doing than by reading.
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Department of Defense / Veterans Association

A rapidly expanding population of aging veterans requiring more medical and social services.  Like commercial providers, the VA and DOD are being tasked with providing more services with fewer resources. How do we know?  Because we’ve worked with them.
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